I’m a weird person. People have been describing me as weird since I can remember, though I’ve always wondered if it was just because our elementary school vocabularies were so limited that no one could ever think of another word for the “W” in my last name when making those anagram projects. Even still, I’ve always been described as “weird,” though often followed up by a “but in a good way.” One of my weirder qualities is that I don’t really like television and movies. I rarely ever want to go to the movies, and I honestly cannot recall when I actually got excited about a movie that was coming out. I’d often get dragged to midnight showings, but I could have cared less whether or not I was actually there. I also feel asleep in the theater during the most recent Die Hard movie, and no, I wasn’t even tired before I got there. I just don’t care.

                I grew up with a father who was on the cutting edge of all technology. I was also an only child. We always had at least 300 more channels that the three of us could possibly watch, but they were there just in case we needed them. In middle school, my parents let me have a TV in my bedroom. What did I chose to watch? The Home Shopping Network and Nick at Nite. No joke. I was obsessed with I Love Lucy, Green Acres, and Mary Tyler Moore, which in my opinion didn’t hold a candle to Rugrats, Hey Dude, and Salute Your Shorts, which I watched with my friends during the day. I never watched a show regularly, except for maybe TGIF, which was a family affair. I couldn’t be bothered to have to sit in front of the TV at a certain time – and I definitely still can’t!

                In high school we got satellite TV, and my obsessions became the Game Show Network and the Food Network. Once again, not joking. To this day, I have never seen an episode of Dawson’s Creek, The OC, One Tree Hill, Laguna Beach, or The Hills. I didn’t care. At all. Despite the fact that I didn’t particularly enjoy TV, I still felt like I had to have it on. I think it was for the background noise, or just due to the fact that that seemed like the normal thing to do. Throughout my entire life it has been incredibly hard for me to JUST watch TV. I always have to be doing something else: surfing the internet, making dinner, knitting, eating… anything other than just sitting there. As a result, I barely even pay attention to the TV. It’s become rarely anything more than a box of colors and sounds that I instinctively tune out and don’t pay attention to.

                Now that I am living away from my family and with my pretty frugal boyfriend, we decided not to get cable. I think this was one of the best decisions ever, because I am not paying for lights and sounds that I don’t pay attention to anyway. I get the local channels if I want to catch up on the news or, on occasion, watch the few shows I really do enjoy: How I Met Your Mother, Jeopardy, and The Ellen Show.  The shows that I enjoy that are not on antenna TV are easily accessed on the internet, and we decided to get Verizon Fios for just that reason. Quality high speed internet > cable TV. Now I just waste my time on the computer instead of as a zombie in front of the TV, but I’d like to think that my time spent on the computer is exponentially more productive. Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

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  1. Awesome post Erin! I have to agree, I only watch TV when a good show seems to be on or if someone I am with is watching it. Other than that, I don’t care to watch it. There are better ways to spend my day (and being productive on the computer is one of them). BTW I love your writing style! Very conversational and fluid. I’ve been reading many of your posts lately. Good job 🙂

    • thanks much! i’ve always enjoyed writing, and now that i’m in job limbo i want to keep the creative, artsy juices flowing. you spend a lot of time blogging, right? i am still trying to figure out wordpress and customizing and stuff, any tips? thanks again! and we’ll have to go out in boston again soon!


  2. Yeah I blog a few times a week on my personal blog http://kdmedianow.com, 7 times a week for my company’s blog, and once a week for Bostinnovation.com. Busy week! I use wordpress on a self hosted site bought through GoDaddy. It is much more customizable there. Check in on plug-ins that you can get. Look for ones that allow people to share your posts on Twitter and Facebook so they are socially adaptable. Also maybe get a tag cloud. I can explain all this more if you want.

    • so you think that having a hosted site like from godaddy is worth it for the customization? i’ve just been using wordpress for now because i didn’t feel like paying for anything until i had a plan, haha.

      • Yeah it’s worth it. But I’d wait until you have a plan of exactly what you want to do with it. It’s relatively cheap to get it; I pay $60 a year for it and it basically got me my job so it’s more than worth it if you want to use it to leverage your career.

        If you decide to do that and need some help (some of the installation gets tricky and I had to have others help me) let me know.

        • wow, that is A LOT of blogging. thanks for the tip, i will probably decide in the next couple of weeks. do you recommed godaddy? and i’ll try to teach myself the customization stuff (i taught myself HTML and some Java in high school and created a couple websites), but if i run into any trouble i won’t hesitate to contact you. you seem like a blogging pro!

  3. hooray for weirdos! We just got rid of cable and I swear, I’ve never been happier. 🙂

  4. Yeah GoDaddy is pretty good. I need to learn HTML I know a bit of it. How did you learn?

    • i pretty much just googled “how tos” on everything i needed to know. i had just gotten photoshop at that time, so i was more into the design aspect of it. i made a couple (long since deleted) sites for my friend’s bands. they weren’t particularly good or anything, but it was really fun to do.

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