So, I haven’t written/posted a blog post in quite a while. This is absolutely connected to the fact that I am currently working two part-time jobs and do not have any days off. I also attribute my decline in blog activity due to a funk that I’ve been in regarding technology.

Lately, probably because I am too tired from working every day, my limited time on my personal computer turns into a giant, unproductive time suck. I hadn’t logged into my computer for the past two weeks for more than an hour. Partially because I have too many other things to do, but also because I was enjoying weening myself off technology dependence. (I do have a smart phone, so I was not completely disconnected…just enjoyably limited.)

There is also something about the physical act of writing… pressing pen or pencil (whichever I’m in the mood for – right now, mechanical pencil) onto paper and literally manifesting and materializing my thoughts and ideas. For me, the creation and production of my thoughts into a material object, the process, is the most intriguing aspect of writing.

I would attribute my appreciation for the material object – the product of the physical act of writing – the notebook full of words vs. the hard drive full of word documents to my interest in visual/cultural objects. As an art historian, whenever I see an object, I automatically try to think about what it says about the culture/individual who created it.

I find this need/desire to physically write/create versus virtually write/create similar to the fact that I’d rather read a hold a book or a piece of paper than read on a digital screen. For me, the object-ness, “reifying” my writing, shall we say, makes the experience and process of writing more authentic and rewarding.

It might be sort of cheap, writing a blog post about why I haven’t been writing blog posts, but it definitely speaks to my character and personality. I am an incredibly thoughtful and reflective person. I need to think about (read: over-analyze) just about everything. Writing this post, working through my funk, has given me closure on my technology adverse writers block. So, be prepared for an influx of posts.

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