Yesterday I was able to attend a development conference at work. There were absolutely fascinating keynote speakers who shared their expertise in crisis management and negotiation. Their talks were both practical and philosophical and, of course, inspiring.

There was a live tweet board on the stage next to the presenters, and attendees were encouraged to tweet out reactions and memorable quotes during the presentations. I was excited to see this participatory element introduced to the conference, and though many did not participate, those who did effectively synthesized crucial points  in 140 characters or less.

As insinuated by the live tweet board, a key element of the conference was digital media strategy.¬†Although digital and social media is just a hobby for me, it was encouraging to see the ways in which social and digital media can be leveraged to reach new audiences and round out a larger marketing campaign. Even though I am not an expert, I’d like to think that I understand many of the abilities and limitations of these forms of communication, and I get really excited when I see them being used to their full potentials.

Speaking of full potential, I had the pleasure of attending the American Museum Membership Conference in Atlanta back in April. There was a really great presentation by Fiveseed about their social media campaign for History Colorado Center. This interactive aspect of their re-opening campaign expanded their audience and engaged brand new constituents. Social and digital media’s ability to reach a broader audience is fascinating to me as a non-profit fundraiser.

I hope to read more, explore more, see more, and learn more about digital and social media strategies for non-profits. I am starting master’s program in management this fall, and I am eager for the opportunity to get back in the classroom and learn about something completely new. I’m sure this won’t be the last time this topic is discussed in my blog.

Please feel free to share any resources you’ve found helpful regarding digital media strategy!


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  1. InsideFacebook is a great resource, as is! PRDaily is more general digital strategies whereas insidefacebook is (duh) more facebook orientated. I also subscribe to some of the feeds on mashable for topics like digital marketing, social media, etc. Hubspot is also really awesome for diving into stuff without a lot of knowledge! They do great, graphic breakdowns of major improvements and interface changes for fb & twitter. I follow them on Facebook and get most of the relevant content.

    • hi rae,

      thanks for the recommendations! i am familiar with most of these resources, but admittedly i do not think that i am engaging with them as much as i could be. i also really think there’s a serious lack of content geared towards no profits. selling a tangible product is much different than selling a mission.

      • One of the most helpful things to me when I started managing social media at the station, was following other station accounts on facebook and twitter to get an idea of what they were doing and what their fans found engaging. Maybe try to follow some other museums and see what you can glean from their social/digital strategies.

        • that’s a great suggestion, rae! it is a veeeeery small part of my job, so i’d have to do all of this research in my own time. that’s where my desire for a really specialized blog comes in. i found Colleen Dillen’s Know Your Own Bone,, which is a great resource. i’m just not as good about keeping up with it as i probably should be, though. too much to do, not enough time!

  2. Rachelyn says:

    The Social Media Examiner is a great resource for both beginner and advanced level social media resources. Plus, I can’t write about social media without mentioning Hubspot! Whether or not you use their software, they offer some pretty solid digital media strategy for tons of social media and web platforms. I just took their certification classes and now am officially Hubspot inbound marketing certified. Pretty cool stuff!

    • hey, rach! i’ve seen the hubspot courses and webinars. i’ve been debating doing the hubspot certification for a couple of years now, actually. i just need to buckle down and do it! as i mentioned in my comment to rae above, i’d need to do it on my own time. it’s totally worth taking the time to do, i’m sure. i just need to get serious about it!

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